PHP Cache Optimisation

What PHP cache should I use? Wordpress uses PHP, like many applications and it is important to optimise the hosting environment to get the best performance you can. PHP is a scripting language and so it is compiled every time it is used. This can be inefficient if common code is being used all the […]

Don’t use WordPress Multi-Site (for the wrong reasons)

Am interesting presentation at WordCamp 2013 where proposes the provocative point of view, don’t use WordPress Multi-Site.  The cynic in me says she works for a hosting company and multi-sites only require one hosting account. But her actual presentation really says ‘don’t use multi-site for the wrong reasons’.  After all is a multi-site and […]

WordPress Hosting Requirements

Wordpress requirements PHP version 5.2.4 or greater mySQL version 5.0.15 or greater It is highly recommended to use a Linux base platform, with Apache web server. A Linux Apache Php mySQL server is often called a LAMP server. A low volume WordPress installation will work fine on a shared hosting environment that fulfills these basics, […]

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